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The Rivière d' Argent campsite in Huelgoat welcomes you, bikers, for accommodation in comfortable mobile homes in a preserved green setting. Possibility of restoration.

concentration of motorcycles in Brittany
The manager of the campsite, Jean-Michel BERTHELOT during a concentration of motorcycles.
bike tour de Bretagne
circuit of the Monts d' Arrée
Monts d' Arrée and parish enclosures

Stage 1: Saint-Pol-de-Léon - Huelgoat - (72 kms)
Stage 2: Huelgoat - Ménez-Hom - (83 kms)
Stage 3: Ménez-Hom - Saint-Pol-de-Léon - (96 kms)

"From Breton virolo to gogo", such could be the hat of this page. But in this triangle of the Finistère between Roscoff, Huelgoat and Le Faou, Brittany offers many other attractions than the sheer pleasure of winding up on the winding roads of the Monts d' Arrée... read more on the motorcycle tour site of a passionate man, Pierre Scherrer...
Welcome to the heart of Finistère
Covered and heated swimming pool
Pitches in a natural and wooded setting

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Availabilities and booking
+33(0) 98 99 72 50

Camping la Rivière d'Argent ***
La Coudraie - 29690 Huelgoat
Finistère / Bretagne - France

April 2022: 3rd star awarded